Wattlelane Stables Rikono's Gold For Dogs 350gm
Wattlelane Stables Rikono's Gold For Dogs 350gm

Wattlelane Stables Rikono's Gold For Dogs 350gm

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Wattlelane Stables Rikono's Gold For Dogs

Australia's most comprehensive daily vitamin, mineral & amino acid blend

We go over and above in delivery of vital minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other important nutrients. Each is delivered with its co depended mineral for optimal absorption and organic & chelated where possible. Including beneficial amino acids for coat colour, increased protein synthesis and muscle development. Of note we also added boron, biotin and chromium and Curcumin to make this a daily all in one blend

Daily Feed Rates

Small Dog 3-5kg = 6 grams

Medium Dog 6-11kg = 10 grams

Large Dog 12-20kg = 15 grams

X-Large Dog 21+kg = 22 grams

Puppies 1/2 adult size rate

Gestation & Lactating bitches 1 & 1/2 size rate

Feeding recommendations

Rikono's Gold is recommended to be fed daily along with fresh meat, bones, offal, vegetables and fruit to provide a complete and balanced diet. Add carefully measured supplements to daily wet feed. Introduce slowly as minerals have an initial strong smell and flavour. Use a micro scale to weigh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is 15 grams? - 1 x enclosed level scoop weighs 15g (daily rate for large breed dog)

How long will 1 x bag last? - 1 x 700 gram bag will last 1 x large breed dog (12-20kg) 46 days.

Can I feed Rikono's Gold with other supplements? - YES - Rikono's Gold is designed to be the core daily vitamin, minerals & amino acid supplement recommended for all canines. All other feed supplements are designed to be fed safely and effectively alongside Rikono's Gold.

Is it safe for breeding & lactating bitches and puppies? - YES. We recommended to feeding 1 & 1/2 adult size rate during gestation.