Vetafarm Lovebites for Dogs Denta Shield Chews 60pk

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Dental health treats for dogs with Norwegian brown kelp and SHMP


Biofilm Control Polyphenols found in Norwegian Brown Kelp are clinically proven to assist in the reduction of plaque and gingivitis.

Tartar Reduction SHMP aids in tartar control and is clinically proven to reduce dental calculus.

All Natural Flavours with ovine plasma and Australian kangaroo, with no artificial colours, flavours or binders. Grain free

RECOMMENDED USE: Veterinarian formulated for daily use as a treat to assist ongoing oral health. Dentashield provides a combination of concentrated Norwegian brown kelp, high in naturally occurring polyphenols to combat biofilm, with SHMP to aid in the reduction of tartar formation and improve general oral health.

INGREDIENTS: Norwegian brown kelp (714mg/chew), SHMP (Sodium Hexametaphosphate) (193mg/chew), kangaroo meat, ovine plasma, sorbic acid, sorbitol, chicken, vegetable oil.


Present to your dog as a tasty treat directly from the hand.

Adult Maintenance dose: Provide 1 chew per 10kg of bodyweight, once daily.

1-5kg = half a chew

5-10kg = 1 chew

10-20kg = 2 chews

20-30kg = 3 chews