Superior Stainless Steel Hanging Water Bucket 5.7L

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The Flat Sided Bucket with Riveted Hooks easily hangs on any cage wiring, for use as a pet feeding or water bucket.

Made from premium stainless steel, the hooks are permanently riveted to the bucket, making it the most durable option. It’s seamless construction that will not corrode or rust make it well suited for use in kennels, crates, or conveniently attach to fencing panels.

Only the best food-grade stainless steel is used to produce this product to ensure no odour or taints to taste for your pet.

Key Features 

# Versatile pet feeding or water bucket

# Strong riveted hooks

# Certified food-grade stainless steel

# No odour or taste taints

# Rust & corrosion resistant

# Hygienic & easy to clean

# Dishwasher safe

# High polish finish inside & out

Product Care

Superior hanging water buckets are made from certified food-grade stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. If cleaning by hand avoid scratching the surface using a scrubber – use a sponge or soft cloth and washing up liquid to remove any stains. To sanitize soak the product in a bowl of vinegar and warm water solution or bleach and cold water. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and dry.

5700ml – 21.5cm diameter, 23cm overall height including hooks