Smart Cat Kitty Litter Scoop with Holder

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Smart Cat Kitty Litter Scoop with Holder

Make cleaning your cats litter box completely mess-free with the innovative Smartcat Scoop and Holder Set!

Featuring a large-sized scoop, this scoop and holder set makes litter box clean-up a breeze. The holder is a handy part of the scoop that keeps everything inside and ensures that nothing you scoop up falls out of the shovel.

Designed with a cleverly contoured handle for easy gripping, the scoop and handle both fit in your hand comfortably. Made from sturdy plastic material, this long-lasting and efficient pooper scooper duo is all you need for litter box cleaning.

This kit comes with a wall mount so that you can easily put up the scoop and holder next to your kittys litter box. Get the Smartcat Scoop and Holder for mess-free and effortless litter box sanitation!


# Wide mouth shovel with holder to reduce mess when cleaning cats litter box

# Easy-to-hold large shovel allows you to pick up more in fewer scoops

# Holder keeps everything in shovel from falling out

# Handy and optional wall mount for your convenience

# Colour: Light grey

# Made from durable plastic material for long-lasting use!