Scream Cooling Pet Mat Pad for Dogs and Cats Blue Medium 65x50cm

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The Scream Cool Pads assist in keeping your pet cool by absorbing body heat & dissipating this back into the air through evaporation via the areas of the cool pad not in use. This is better for your pets than laying on an already cold surface. Scream Cool Pads are suitable for dogs, cats and small animals.

What is the cool pad made from? 

Outside material – Dacron (polyester fibre) with PVC coating

Inner material – Sponge & Gel. The main composition of the gel is water and sodium carbomethyl cellulous (CMC).  CMC is used in most cool pads and ice packs


# No refrigeration!

# No electricity!

# No water!

Size – Medium 

Dimensions – 65cm x 50cm

Colour – Loud Blue