Nylon Trio Edible Tasty Bone for Toy Dogs - Chicken

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Packed with flavour and exceptionally tough, the TastyBone Nylon Trio range is the tried and tested offering that keeps even the most vigorous chewers chomping for days.

They satisfy every bit of a dog’s urge to gnaw, and the uniquely infused flavours taste just as lip-smackingly good from start to finish.

With three different shaped ends, it’s three times more exciting than an ordinary bone shaped toy!

Like all of the nylon chews, this TastyBone Trio product has been tested on the most vigorous of chewers. Made from 100% virgin nylon, it is guaranteed to last.

# Proudly made in the UK

# Flavouring is impregnated into the bone

# Free of animal content, salt, sugar, additives and preservatives

# Food grade colouring used is completely harmless

Chicken Flavour - 9.5cm x 7cm x 3cm - Suitable for TOY dogs


SAFETY ADVICE: Do not throw the edible bone for your dog to catch, the impact could injure their teeth. Replace the edible bone when it is small enough for your dog to swallow whole. As with all chew toys, supervision is recommended. Although the food grade colouring used in the edible bone is completely harmless to your dog, the colour can run. If this happens, only use cold water to clean up – do not use household cleaners

INGREDIENTS: Starch based biopolymer, food grade colouring, synthetic flavouring