Kong Cat Crackles Caticorn

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KONG Crackles Caticorn’s crackle sounds call cats to play, sparking batting instincts for magical bouts of healthy kicking fun.

The soft plush body and easy to tousle folds encourage kicking and pouncing play that rewards natural instinctual behaviour.

This magical friend’s soft plush body invites snuggles that make it an ideal cuddle toy. KONG Premium North American catnip continues the engagement.

# Crackle sounds sparks batting instincts

# Soft, plush body invites kicking play

# Flexible folds for pouncing fun

# Soft plush Caticorn body ideal for cuddle time

# Kong premium North American catnip extends playtime

# Ideal for long-lasting indoor play

#16cm x 15cm x 2.5cm