K9 Cruiser Water Bowl Anti-Spill - Red

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All dog owners want peace of mind for the well being of their pet both at home and when travelling. Providing a secure, convenient water supply is of primary concern. A bowl which doesn't tip over and doesn't spill, even if it is traveling in a vehicle seems impossible.

Not for Mark McPherson - inventor of the Cruiser Bowl. The Cruiser Bowl is already being used by professional dog breeders in North Queensland. Additionally it is the water bowl of choice for the Australian Army Canine Unit, Australian Federal Police, Qld Police Dog Squad and Qld Corrective Services Unit.

Cruiser Bowl Design and Purpose The ingenious, patented design of the Cruiser Bowl provides a secure and non spill water supply for dogs and cats. The concept is simple but brilliant. The water (approx 2.5 litres) is stored within the vacuum of side walls of the bowl, maintaining a consistent small depth of water (approx 20mm high) accessible for the animal to drink via the central drinking funnel.

The bowl can go from back yard to the car and you can have confidence that it will not spill. The water stored in the bowl provides substantial weight. This inhibits the bowl from being upturned by robust dogs and puppies. Even if the bowl is tipped over, the unique design of the bowl ensures that spillage is limited and water is retained within the vacuum of the bowl for the animal. The design of the bowl also discourages the animal from playing with the water.

An added bonus of the bowl for those in show situations is that the design also prevents long ears of particular dogs from coming in contact with the water while having a drink. The water being stored inside the vacuum of the bowl also ensures that the water remains cleaner than if it were exposed as with traditional water bowls. With the water being held in the vacuum of the side walls means it also inhibits mosquito breeding.

The bowl is made from food grade UV resistant plastic for product longevity and is able to be separated.

# Unique non-spill design

# Holds 2.5 Litres

# Easy to fill and clean

# Australian made & designed

# 100% Non-Toxic