GVP Tick Twister for Pets 2 Piece Small and Large in Clipbox

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Tick twister is the easiest and medically preferred method of tick removal and avoids compression of the tick. For Ixodes spp, efficient removal may potentially reduce (neurotoxic) saliva ejection compared to clumsy removal via fingers or forceps.

As the name suggests, the device allows the tick to be grasped and rotated for easier removal. A tick mouthpart (rostrum) has backward angled spines that resist traction. Rotation of the tick allows these spines to disengage from the skin and flatten along the longitudinal axis, allowing the tick to be 'unscrewed' from the skin.

It is a simple one piece durable design, hygienic plastic is easily cleaned, two sizes in each pack (1 small and 1 large) to match size of tick. Convenient carry case - simply clip onto key ring, nurse pouch, backpack, belt or dog lead. Comes in 4 funky colours, blue, green, pink and lilac with recyclable cardboard package - no plastic waste!

PLEASE NOTE: colour preference cannot be guaranteed as we are sent random colours from supplier.