Wattlelane Stables Mindfulness For Horses 1kg

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Wattlelane Stables Mindfulness For Horses

Calming supplement

Mindful Horsemanship promotes comfort in situations that would otherwise trigger flight or fight responses. Mindfulness for Horses is a blend of Magnesium, Amino Acids, Plant Extracts and Vitamin B's.

Ingredient list: Tyrosine 1g, L-lysine 8g, Magnesium Bioplex (organic) 7g, Withania Somnifera Root 7g, Glycyrrhiza glabra 2g, Rhodiola rosea 2gr, Siberian Ginseng 6gr, Thiamine 1.5gr, Pantothenic acid 300mg, Pyridoxine 300mg, Niacin 150mg, Riboflavin 60mg, Folic Acid 30mg

Best results have been observed when fed with the daily mineral & vitamin feed supplement FLOWERS GOLD.

How much do I feed? - Feed 40g daily in hard feed as required. As this supplement is very light in weight, feed 2x 50ml of the enclosed scoop. 

Is it safe to feed with Flowers Gold? - Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement. All our other Feed Supplements are considered 'add ons' as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Is it safe for pregnant horses? - No, as there is a minimal risk. Any risk and we will automatically say its not safe.

How long will a bag last? - A 1kg bag will last 25 days/feeds. A 2kg bag will last 50 days/feeds.

Will it make my horse slow or dopey? - No, Mindfulness does NOT contain any active ingredients to dope a horse. You can safely ride, compete or work a horse taking Mindfulness For Horses.

What should I feed with Mindfulness For Horses? - Add Mindfulness For Horses to almost any hard feed (pellets, grains, lupins, copra, beetpulp and chaff etc). Flowers Gold as a daily balanced mineral and vitamin supplement is perfect. Mindfulness contains magnesium for horses, so works as calming supplement for horses.

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