Zippy Paws for Dogs - Grunterz Alvin the Alligator

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Meet Alvin the Alligator, the fun and friendly gator that grunts! This ZippyPaws exclusive Grunterz dog toy features a unique noise maker that grunts instead of squeaks.

Though squeaky noises attract dogs, grunting noises also grab their attention, making the Grunterz Alvin the Alligator plush dog toy a fang-tastic alternative to squeaky pet toys. This contains 1 Grunterz noise maker and the long length of the alligator plush makes Alvin fun to thrash, tug, and cuddle.


One-of-a-kind stuffed dog toy that grunts instead of squeaks!

Dogs love grunting noises, too – great alternative to squeaky dog toys

Contains 1 Grunterz for just enough noise-making entertainment

Lengthy alligator toy for thrashing and tugging fun

Soft plush pet toy for comfortable play

Size: 48cm x 24cm x 11cm