Rogz Classic Collar For Dogs - Snake 16mm 26-40cm Medium - Orange

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ROGZ CLASSIC COLLAR FOR DOGS - formerly the Utility Collar

Strong, stylish and comfortable collar for your dog, that can also be accessorised with a matching lead.

Made from a flexible nylon webbing, the ROGZ Utility collars contour properly to your dog’s neck shape providing them with a comfortable and snug fit.

Contoured Plastic Components Rogz rounded plastic components ensure that every Rogz collar fits snugly.

Die-cast ring Custom designed diecast ring made from Zinc (no welding).

Reflective Stitching Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for night time visibility.

SNAKE Width of Webbing – 16mm (5/8”) Neck Size – 26cm to 40cm (10-16”)