Power Chewer Crazy Bounce Dog Toy

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The Crazy Bounce is fun, tough and near indestructible!

Key features:

Designed for power chewers

Great for fetch, 6 points make ball bounce erratically

100% natural proprietary latex

30 day replacement guarantee* 

The 6 Pointed shape causes an erratic bounce - making it fun for your dog!

Biodegradable, sustainable, natural and non-toxic

Made in the USA

For medium - extra large dogs

Many competitor products are "hollow" to reduce costs

Always supervise your pooch!

Approximate size of a standard tennis ball

The Crazy Bounce is an eccentric, unpredictable bounce and retrieving toy that is both fun for your dog and you! It bounces crazily, never boring your dog. It's made in the USA from Puppyprene 2.0, an all-natural proprietary rubber compound which provides durability without sacrificing chewiness. While no dog toy is indestructible, the Crazy Bounce's solid rubber construction holds up to the strongest chompers.

*Valid 1 per customer only within 30 days of the purchase date or shipping date. Just get the size recommended for your dog.  Chew marks or damage including small chunks on the toy does not mean the toy is destroyed. Rope on all toys is excluded, and the toy just needs to be destroyed / not function as it’s intended purpose. Just pick up in store or pay shipping ($9.95) and we'll send you out your replacement FREE!