Petway Everyday Pink Grooming Kit

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1 x Everyday Pink Shampoo 250ml

1 x Everyday Pink Conditioner 250ml

1 x Pink Musk Cologne Coat Gloss 250ml


Petway Petcare Pink Shampoo is the most popular naturally based, general purpose, cosmetic shampoo concentrate. It thoroughly cleanses and deodorises the animals coat and invigorates the skin. It brightens white coats, highlights natural coat colours and provides a superb lustrous coat finish. It has a long lasting unique floral spice fragrance, which smells lovely and clean and reportedly can last up to two or more weeks on an animal’s coat.

Petway Petcare Everyday Pink Conditioner is a revitalizing and nourishing naturally based, general purpose cosmetic conditioner for normal skin types, that adds shine and restores the coats natural lustre, while invigorating the skin. It will soften the coat and make brushing easy. Easily rinsed out or can be blown out through the coat with dryer. Leaves a lasting unique floral spice fragrance.

Petway Petcare Pink Musk Cologne Coat Gloss is a match to the bestselling Everyday Pink Shampoo & Everyday Pink Conditioner. Naturally based, plant derived cologne coat gloss spray that leaves a lasting unique floral musk fragrance. Contains conditioning agent, adds shine and lustre to the coat and is non oily. It also repels dirt, dust and speeds up drying time. Does not leave any greasy build up on the coat. Use daily when grooming your animal