NO DOGS - 120cm Standard Lead by Friendly Dog Collars

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Designed to visually communicate to others if your dog is approachable, requires space, is in training/work or has special requirements.


LENGTH: 120cm

COLOUR: Orange with Black Text


Disclaimer - Friendly Dog Collars Dexil Limited/Friendly Dog Collars takes no legal liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the products. It is the purchasers/dog owners sole responsibility to ensure correct colour/worded item for the intended dog and understand that no individual guidance can be given. The colour coded system is to be used as a guide only.
Please ensure that responsible dog ownership is adhered to at all times. At no time should you leave a dangerous dog unattended in a public area. Our products are to be strictly used as a tool only to help others identify if your dog is approachable or needs space.
All products are Registered, Copyright, Intellectual Property Pending ensuring that there are no other products like it on the market. Friendly Dog Collars is part of the Dexil family.
Produced in China for Dexil Limited.