GigWi Jumball Tennis Ball for Dogs Green/Purple

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The Gigwi Jumball Tennis Ball Series has been made for the smaller of our canine companions. Made with a durable GiGwi felt exterior it is tough and durable to withstand dog bites, claws as well as rough outdoor play.

Small TPR handles allow even little mouths to carry it around. This ball is built for hours of interactive fun, even with the handles, you can still throw, bounce or kick the ball anywhere you like.

The GiGwi Tennis Jumball is the perfect addition to any doggo’s outdoor play kit.

# Easy-to-carry handle to allow your dog to fetch and bring the ball back to you.

# Fun tennis ball design.

# Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 14cm.

# Made from non-toxic thermoplastic rubber with tennis ball style felt.

# Tough and durable to withstand your dog’s bite and claws.

# Helps to keep your dog entertained by appealing to their natural chasing and hunting behaviours.

# Can be used to help encourage daily exercise and mental stimulation in your dog.

# Bright colours for easy spotting outside.