Cherie Clumping Wood Kitty Litter 10ltr

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Cherie Cat Litter is a unique natural wood litter made from 100% virgin timber from sustainably managed forests. This wood based litter is up to four times more absorbent than clay on a per pound basis making it much more cost efficient and assists in eliminating odour quicker.

Cherie Litter is naturally scented leaving a fresh lasting smell while the irregular shaped litter is designed to clump and not stick to your cats paws which reduces tracking. These clumps can be easily picked up and disposed of making it extremely low maintenance! This clumping wood litter is 100% natural and biodegradable meaning it can be used on your garden or compost.

# Odour controlling

# Up to 4x absorbent

# Low tracking

# Low maintenance

# Naturally bio-degradable

# 100% virgin timber

# No chemicals, artificial fragrances, toxins, clay, corn or grain

# Made in Germany