Buster Food Cube Interactive Treat Toy for Dogs - Mini Black

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Buster Dog Cubes are an interactive fun dog toy that dispenses treats as your dog plays.

Perfect for separation anxiety and boredom, simply unscrew the centre of the cube and fill with food or treats. The Buster Food Cube will mentally and physically stimulate your dog by encouraging natural hunting instincts, and tasty hidden rewards can keep your dog entertained for hours.

The Buster Cube will engage, mystify and delight your best friend. Just fill it with dry food or treats, roll it past your dog and let the fun begin. When it rolls, it dispenses food, keeping your dog busy, gradually learning how to roll it to release the tasty bites inside.

The food cube is made of ABS plastic which has been found to be a safe, non-leaching plastic.


Made of tough, durable plastic

Your dog is rewarded when treats and food fall out as they play

Keeps dogs mentally and physically stimulated

Lots of mental challenges to keep dog entertained for hours

Feeding and play in an interactive way

Unscrew the centre to add food or treats

Recommended by many animal behaviourists

Helps to minimize negative behaviours resulting from fear or aggression

Easy to fill and adjust (to avoid over-treating and maintain interest level)

Central cylinder adjusts difficulty level

Dishwasher safe

Size: 7.5cm diameter