Bone Marrow Chew for Dogs Small Beef Liver

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100% Australian Made Bone Marrow Chews for dogs of all ages and sizes.  A long lasting chew that helps clean your dogs teeth, as well as having additional health benefits.

# Boosts the immune system

# Supports joint function and may assist with reducing joint inflammation

These chews are manufactured by Puppie Chews and are made from 100% natural dried Bone Marrow.  Beef bones are boiled and the marrow is extracted, removing almost all of the fat and leaving a healthy product without chemicals or fillers.  This is an in-depth process which can take up to 6 weeks to complete, and is protected by patent.

If you find the marrow chew a little hard for your pup, you can run them under some hot water for a few seconds to soften it a little bit.

Size – Small (approx. 10cm x 2.5cm)



100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow (plus 0.5-3% of the ingredient(s) listed in the name