Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Horses 2.5kg
Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Horses 2.5kg

Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Horses 2.5kg

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Wattlelane Stables QI Ease For Horses

An itchy horse is generally 'over reacting' to an external factor. A natural dietary feed supplement QI Ease is made from organic zinc, yeast extracts and amino acid and when combined in our secret proportion can assist dietary uptake of key nutrients often missing from horses diets. When QI Ease is fed in conjunction with sensible rugging practices and applying sparingly QI Gold Serum every 3-4 days or as required, users have unanimously commented on happier horses in as little as 2 weeks. Recommended to be fed alongside Flower's Gold for optimum results.

How much to feed? 50 grams daily - added to hard feed and wetted. 50 grams is the same as 45ml in the enclosed scoop.

How much is the 50 g? Fill enclosed scoop to approx 45ml to supply the weight of 50g of QI Ease.

Can it be fed with Flowers Gold? Yes, it compliments Flowers Gold and is able to be combined with any of our other feed supplements. NOTE: Flowers Gold is our recommended complete daily mineral and vitamin supplement. All our other Feed Supplements are considered 'add ons' as deemed necessary for specific circumstances.

Is it safe for pregnant mares? Yes, in fact the additional nutrients of QI Ease will be very beneficial even for itching horses with qld itch. Also safe for new foals to nibble and young horses.

How long will a bag/bucket last? A 2.5kg bag will last 50 days. A 6.5kg will last 130 days. A 10kg bucket will last 200 days. *Based on one horse fed daily

Will QI Ease stop midge, flies & mites from biting? NO! QI Ease is a feed supplement only. You will have to purchase insecticides at a feed/tack store and apply as per directions in addition to feeding QI Ease.

What should I feed with QI Ease Add QI Ease to almost any hard feed. Please be aware not to feed alongside other feed supplements containing high ratios of Zinc. Flowers Gold is perfect to be feed alongside as a complete daily mineral supplement. At clinical trial fed to horses with qld itch or itching horses.

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